Earphone/headphone Service


Whatspp : 96580564

Email : cobrayew62@gmail.com


$12.00 for normal wire earphone.

$15.00 for normal wire headphone.

$18.00 - $25 for headphone/earphone that need battery

$10.00 - addition cost if require to replace one headphone driver ( 40mm)

Note :

   1. Payment only after repaired

   2. No charge if beyond repaired

   3. No guarantee can repair

   4. No guarantee earphone microphone can work

   5. For Bluetooth / noise cancellation headphone/earphone,

      repair cost will be higher

How long to repair

Usually take 1 day or return the next day

What type of jack you use if require to replace ?

Click here for 4 pole

Click here for 3 pole

Where to send for repair ?

1. By mail

2. Lakeside MRT

3. Boonlay MRT

3. Block 350 corporation drive. S618350

6. NTU weekday only

What information you need to whatsapp 96580564

1. Earphone or headphone ?

2. wire or wireless ?

3. Need power ?

2. What's the problem ?

3. What do you suspect ?

4. Photo ?

General problem

1. One side have sound, one side no sound

2. When bent / twist certain portion of cable, sound come and go. Usually at the jack portion.

3. Only had music but no vocal.

4. Both side no sound

Beyond repair problem

1. Usually due to earpiece/ driver faulty or the cable break too near the earpiece

Note : usually the mic or remote control casing / cover once open some parts will be break. Its advice to change to normal stereo earphone

2. For hearphone usually due to speaker faulty or the cable break along the Foldable portion,

However, if the cable break along the foldable portion, it can bypass the Foldable portion.

Sometime it require modification

Click here Modification of Airplane Bose noise cancellation headphone

Click here Modification of jaybird X3 cannot charge problem