Door Interlock


2 Door Interlock Module allow only 1 door to open when the door release button is pressed

And both the doors are closed.

The Opening of the door is base on first come first served.  Meaning, if Door 2 release button  is pressed

 First when both the doors are closed. Door 2 will be opened. Pressing of Door 1 release button before Door

2 time out will not open the Door 1 even though both the doors remained closed.

The duration of Door opening can be adjusted.

The Module can either operated in Standalone mode or Multiple mode depend on the jumper setting.


Standalone Mode:

Multiplier Mode:

Specification : Power Supply ( 12VDC  - 14VDC )

                                Relay activated Duration ( Approx. 3sec to 30sec )

                                Relay rated.   2A

                                Dimension : 55mm x 85mm