Email Alert



Power Up :

    On the power, the blue led will blink 3 times.

    If the wifi is connected, Blue led will turn on and start monitoring.


WiFI setup :  ( Only 1st time or change Wifi router )

1.       Connect to AP  Name : cobrayew  Password : ahyew1234!

2.       Go to

3.       Set  the router SSID and password and click connect.

If connection is successful,  Blue Led will turn on

4.       Note the IP address. In this case is



Connect to WiFi :

    Click Connect or just power Off and On. If WiFi connection is established, Blue Led will light up.

    Go to


   Note : The Ip address may be different depend on user router


Sending Email Configure


Need to set up all the 6 parameters one at the time.

Recommended :


SMTP Server Settings

Before proceeding you need to know the SMTP server settings of the sender email.

Gmail SMTP Server Settings

If you’re using a Gmail account, these are the SMTP Server details:

Outlook SMTP Server Settings

For Outlook accounts, these are the SMTP Server settings:

Live or Hotmail SMTP Server Settings

For Live or Hotmail accounts, these are the SMTP Server settings:

If you’re using another email provider, you need to search for its SMTP Server settings



Note : If you are using Gmail as a sender email, you need to allow less secure apps

Allow less secure apps to get access to this new Gmail account, so that you’re able to send emails. You can open this link to go to that menu.


Gmail Allow Less Secure Apps to Send Email with ESP32

Recipient Email set up

Need to set up 4 Recipient email address, If only have 2 Recipients,  The Recipient 3 & 4 need to key “NA”

Alarm Fail message and Alarm OK message set up.

Alarm Fail is refer to Alarm input Shorted.

Alarm OK is refer to Alarm input open.

In these example Alarm Fail input 1 message is programmed as Alarm-1111

Alarm OK input 2 is programmed as Alarm-ok-2222


Read all the parameter

You can click the Read Config button to list all the parameters.




Email Received


Read the Manual

You can read the Manual by Clicking Operation Instruction or Visit

The Maximum length  of each parameter

str_network_ssid            (15) 

str_password                  (15)

SMTP Server                 (23) 

SMTP port                     (7) 

Sender password           (15)

Sender email                (31)

Sender_subject              (15)

Sender_name                (31)

Reipient   1 - 4               (31)

Alarm Fail 1 - 8               (31)

Alarm ok   1 - 8              (31)